Niftie's platform has an easy to navigate commuter interface, providing the end user with full control of their journey, picking their exact pick up time, location and drop off destination


  • Shorter commute time
  • Real time vehicle tracking
  • Personalised pick-up/drop-off locations
  • Direct commute (single mode)
  • Guaranteed seat
  • Live push notifications
Login To App

The Niftie Commute App is easy and responsive. With a straightforward login process, makes for a great user experience.

Morning Pick-Up Location

Once logged in, the commuter can select to see their 'Morning' or 'Evening' journey. This will bring up their preset pick-up & drop-off locations, including the time they're required to be at the pick-up location.

Morning Drop-Off Location

By clicking on '2' it will show the expected time of arrival at the preset drop off location. Both the pick-up & drop-off location can be edited within the App itself.

Evening Pick-Up Location

The commuter can now manage their journey in reverse. By changing the options from 'Morning' to 'Evening' the commuters previous drop-off location has now become the pick-up location.

Evening Drop-Off

By clicking on '2' it will now obviously show the expected arrival time at the 'Evening' drop-off location.

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