Niftie was established with the simple goal of reducing the time spent in commute of people everywhere.  Our deployed services have helped more than 50,000 commuters get home faster, actively reducing the number of private vehicles on roads.

In 2015 Niftie began with a simple idea that commuting can be improved for all.  The average commute time for an Australian is 1 hour and 15 minutes each direction, and this is dead time for all.  There are now between 3 and 4 million people around Australia who live in outer suburban areas of Australia’s capital cities and their commutes are often much longer.

We set out to prove an enhanced system of commuting was possible, and in July 2018 after 3 years of research and development, we completed our POC.  We now operate an independently profitable and scalable competitive service to the public transport network in Australia.  Traditional public transport services ticket box revenue generates 33% of the running cost.  With Niftie, our services generate >100% of the running costs. We’re changing the way the services is delivered.  Already, our incumbent services save the NSW tax payer >$300,000 in unrealsied deficit funding savings.  Our services also reduce the commute time by 1 hour per day.  This actively reduces the load on roads and adds value to the community of travelers by returning time to their day.

Population growth rates in Australian capital cities push residents into areas which have lower levels of public services than their inner suburban counterparts.  In certain areas of the Sydney metropolitan area for example, house prices dictate that a buyer must travel a long distance to find suitable employment to service their mortgage, with the average house price currently at 1,150,000 (Domain).

In order to service such a mortgage, commuters are travelling into CBD areas for employment.  Niftie recently surveyed 40 new residents in Box Hill North NSW, and 85% said that they would be travelling to the Sydney CBD 5 days per week, a distance of 50km each way.  Current public transport options time this commute at 2 hours each way.

This is the issue that we have set out to solve through our scalable technology solution.

Niftie has built a plug and play platform in three parts which can be set up and installed in any vehicle to create a working solution to the commute based transport issues of millions of Australians.

We support our platform with hyper-local sales and marketing strategies to actively build commuter audiences.  Using on bus advertising, digital marketing strategies, competition mechanics, local shopping centres and other local business’ we are able to build an audience of users, where the participation in such a service, generates more revenue than the cost of running that service, making a transport solution a potential profit centre rather than a cost burden.


Niftie not only wanted to pioneer an improved technology based solution for commuters, we wanted to work towards a larger goal – Change the relationship between a commuter and their public transport options. For residents who live in the outer suburban areas, public transport is generally time consuming.  Although in some locations there are  express services, these can still be difficult to catch, due to crowding they become an uncomfortable way to travel, as a seat is never guaranteed.  To put this into perspective, a resident of this area travels the distance of Sydney to Brisbane on a public bus every fortnight.  It is a long way to go!